CBTLRM02 : India’s first Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® dual combo-module for advanced IoT applications and solutions

Low power 2.4 GHz + LoRa®

  • Short and long-range connectivity
  • Large amounts of data transfer at high speeds
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Software stack + business logic running on board
  • OTA over Low power 2.4 GHz
Mumbai, India, 21st September 2022

CWD Limited announces the launch of the ground-breaking module - CBTLRM02 in partnership with two of the world’s leading wireless technology innovators, Semtech Corporation and Nordic Semiconductor. The CBTLRM02 is India’s first Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® (Long-range) dual combo-module that combines Semtech’s SX1262 and Nordic’s nRF52833 for building advanced IoT applications.

Features of the CBTLRM02 module

CWD’s new module equipped with high quality Ignion antennas makes it possible to have long-range wireless communication over the 2.4 GHz (Low power 2.4 GHz) and 150 MHz to 960 MHz (LoRaWAN®) ISM bands. With 512 KB flash and 128 KB RAM, the module facilitates open-source software stack development to build applications and business logic to run on-board, thus eliminating the need for an external microcontroller unit (MCU). CWD offers an Application Development Suite which enables the user to develop their own custom solutions.

In addition, the multiprotocol module supports Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and can transmit up to +22 dBm with highly efficient integrated power amplifiers over LoRa® and up to +8 dBm over Low power 2.4 GHz. This allows our customers to keep their device deployments robust, improve their performances, and upgrade to newer security protocols at their convenience. CWD will assist customers in design, development, and manufacturing of their innovative ideas, introducing new products while reducing the time to market at scale with lower costs.

Our Vision

CWD is confident that the Low power 2.4 GHz+LoRa® combo module has the power to change the game for the IoT industry. Semtech’s LoRa® combined with Nordic’s Low power 2.4 GHz has already proven to be a powerful combination that creates complementary hybrid IoT connectivity. CWD’s CBTLRM02 module may become a pioneering technology for IoT developers who may be motivated to think and attempt more ambitious IoT capabilities and applications.

For India, the partnership between CWD, Nordic and Semtech may also help expand the technology ecosystem for IoT application development. Nordic’s Regional Sales Manager India, Gaurav Kapoor says, “With Nordic's nRF52833 SoC's processor and memory resources, CWD demonstrates how complementary technologies like LoRa® and Low power 2.4 GHz can work together in a single module - CBTLRM02” adding “This dual combo module opens up to a wide range of use cases in IoT. It is encouraging to see Nordic's first module design partner in India build further upon its IoT capabilities and product offerings.”

Why a Low power 2.4 GHz+LoRa® dual module?

In the world of IoT application development and capabilities, the combination of Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® has created synergies that have maximized efficiency of IoT architecture. While Low power 2.4 GHz is ideal for short-range communication with a high throughput, LoRa® has been designed for long-range low power wireless connectivity. With these dual wireless capabilities, the CBTLRM02 module makes any IoT product/solution extremely power efficient while also providing an extensively rich feature set.

LoRaWAN® fits perfectly in all the use cases where wireless connectivity is needed for both long and short range, thus providing customers with IoT devices over a broader geographic coverage with the ability to connect directly to the cloud. As an unlicensed band that does not require intermediate hops for cloud communication, network deployments are not only less complicated but also much cheaper.

Some of the common use cases of the module are:

Smart metering: LoRa® allows remote contact with meters for controlling, tracking and monitoring of energy consumption.

Smart cities: The module finds application in municipal operations for connecting city services such as lighting, parking, waste removal where low power GPS-free geolocation features are needed.

Asset tracking over large geographical areas: Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® are particularly efficient in remote tracking and monitoring of moving assets over a broader area while leveraging an infrastructure where Low power 2.4 GHz beaconing is deployed to cover indoor tracking.

Smart agriculture: This involves precision agriculture, climate management and control, sensors for management of soil, water, moisture and temperature, and location systems like GPS etc. The module may play a significant role in acquiring data through these devices for analysis.

Industrial automation: Factories and industries may benefit from this dual combo-module for tracking and monitoring assets. The module can relay data to a LoRaWAN® network to be analyzed for optimization of business operations.

Interested customers can pre-order their module samples from here.

Click here to read the full press release by Semtech Corporation.

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