Logistics & Warehouse

As with every industry, technology is shaping the logistics industry in unthinkable ways. Most logistics companies have integrated technology into their operations to some degree. They have visibility of their supply chain however, that is not enough for a business to truly make strides.

Today’s dynamic market conditions coupled with increasing customer expectations demand real-time information of your supply chain. Additionally, lack of automation within the supply chain process leads not only to ambiguity but also more overhead expenses for companies.

The companies that have real-time information are able to better analyse their supply chain process and take immediate action in growing their business. Moreover, companies that can provide this information to their customers real time are already one step ahead of their competitors.

We at CWD define wireless technologies to come up with ground-breaking solutions that give you real-time visibility of your entire supply chain process. By integrating new technologies into your existing infrastructure, we help you automate your business to achieve a seamless and efficient business operations resulting in higher profit margins.

Our supply chain solution is an ecosystem that allows you to tag your assets and inventories so you can remotely track and monitor them real time, both within your premises and for your shipments-in-transit. It can help you automatically scan your inbound and outbound shipments with wireless sensors and gateways integrated within your premises. We enable you to collect, analyse, and share essential data of your assets and inventories along with your shipments-in-transit in real time.

Our proven IoT solutions help you gain an accurate picture of your entire supply chain so you can quickly respond to any problems that arise in your business.

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