Animal Husbandry

Governments across the world are working towards safeguarding animal health. They are collaborating with farmers in taking precautions to prevent diseases in animals.

It is, however, cumbersome to manually monitor animal health. It is often difficult to detect health issues in animals and by the time an issue is detected, it is often already too late to get adequate healthcare to reverse the illness. This can not only lead to high healthcare and maintenance costs for farmers but also cause suffering in animals. This situation only worsens when there is no easy access to quality healthcare professionals and infrastructure. A dire financial situation of farmers coupled with inaccessibility to quality healthcare could lead to abandoning of sick livestock causing further suffering in the animals.

Animal diseases can pose a risk not only to such affected animals but also to public health. It could also impact businesses and the economy at large. These issues make an efficient animal health tracking and monitoring system imperative in preventing animal diseases.

CWD defines wireless technologies to create pioneering health monitoring solutions that can help farmers and the governments at large. Our animal tracking and health monitoring solution provides real-time tracking of activity and rumination among other animal vitals. Farmers are able to stay alert about any abnormal behaviours in their livestock so they can get timely medical help. We enable farmers to not only collect data on critical health parameters but also analyse this data to monitor animal health and receive actionable insights.

CWD integrates IoT within the animal healthcare industry to revolutionise the way animal health is currently monitored and reduce the financial and emotional loss caused to farmers. We work with governments to make these solutions accessible to farmers across the world at an economical price so they can better manage their livestock health.

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