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Healthcare systems have always focused on pre-empting the need for any essential medicines and vaccines and create and deliver such supplies to the needy. However, the industry has long time been facing challenges in delivering usable medicinal supplies to remote locations on time. These challenges have only been made apparent since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Usability of vaccines and medicines that need to be kept in a temperature-monitored environment is a major factor when arranging for delivering these to their destination. However, many healthcare organizations face visibility issues, specifically in terms of quick access to centralized, consumable, and real-time data of their essential medicinal supplies and its location while in transit. This makes it difficult for healthcare officials at the destination to detect the usability of vaccines that need to be in a temperature-monitored environment.

Quick access to real-time location of these shipments-in-transit is equally important, especially so when delivering to remote places. A lack of automation in the healthcare cold chain process not only leads to ambiguity regarding usability of essential medicinal supplies but also increases overhead expenses for the organisations.

CWD focuses on solving these problems through emerging wireless technologies – by delivering smart and secure solutions for monitoring temperature of essential vaccines and tracking such medicinal supplies throughout your supply chain process in real time.

We help you automate your cold chain process and achieve a seamless and efficient business operations. Our solutions provide capabilities of elevated automation and end-to-end visibility of your essential medicinal supplies through your entire cold chain process. We enable you to collect, analyse, and share real-time actionable data of your cold chain so you can quickly respond to any problems that arise in your business.

CWD combines visibility, automation, and integration across the cold chain to create a connected and collaborative healthcare ecosystem to enable you to better manage any future crises or challenges.

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