Governments across the world are working towards improving agriculture and safeguarding plant health. And a healthy soil being the foundation of successful agriculture makes it imperative to track and monitor soil health in the agricultural process.

Various kinds of issues from soil organism habitat degradation to nutrient depletion can arise during agriculture and horticulture. These issues can greatly impact not only the production levels but also the quality of the farm produce further impacting consumers’ health in the long run. It is, therefore, essential to monitor soil health on a consistent basis.

However, a lack of equipment and technological support make it difficult for farmers to accurately detect and understand the health of their soil. This means that a lot of farmers either spend an enormous amount of time in manually understanding their soil health or manage their farm produce without proper knowledge of their soil health. This further leads to less production levels or not knowing the nutritional value of the food we consume every day.

To solve this problem, we use our in-house expertise in technology to create innovative solutions that help farmers and governments to improve their agricultural sector. Our solutions integrate emerging wireless technologies to make detecting and understanding soil health easier for farmers.

CWD’s proven IoT solution offers soil sensors which can collect critical data regarding soil health and provide such telemetry data to farmers on an app through cloud. Farmers can receive actionable insights on their soil health and make informed decisions in their agriculture and horticulture activities – from irrigation to usage of fertilizers and pesticides. This not only saves farmers’ time and helps increase production levels but also makes them, the governments, and the consumers aware of the nutritional quality of farm produce.

An accurate soil health monitoring solution can help the governments take their agricultural sector to new heights. We work with governments to make these solutions accessible to farmers across the world to help them better manage their agricultural activities.

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