Disrupting India’s Digital Payment Processing Landscape

Sound Box
23 Feb 2023

Digital payment transactions have seen an unprecedented growth in India since the last three years.

As per Worldline India’s ‘India Digital Payment Report’ for Q2 2022, UPI P2M (Person to Merchant) was the preferred payment mode in terms of merchant transactions, accounting for 34% in volume and 17% in terms of value.

These numbers emphasize the need for a simple, smart and secure payment processing solution especially for P2M transactions. CWD’s Sound Box is a wireless payment terminal that simplifies digital payment transactions for merchants across various industries in India.

34% Volume
17% Value

It provides instant audio alerts to merchants on receiving payments in their preferred language and comes with a rich and advanced feature set.

With India having a total of 121 major languages being spoken1, CWD’s Sound Box can be customized to provide audio payment confirmation in multiple languages of your choice.

Sound Box Variants

  • 2G
  • 4G**fallback on 2G available
  • Wi-Fi

Rise in smartphone users in India (in millions)

Rise in broadband connections in India (in millions)

Source : PIB, Government of India, November 2022

The country boasts of having cheaper rates for 2G / 4G connections with India being the fifth lowest internet data rates provider in the world (an average price of 1GB of data being ~ INR 13.5).3 This coupled with the unavailability of a stable Wi-Fi connection in many places in the country makes a lot of Indian merchants opt for 2G / 4G over Wi-Fi.

96%2 of villages in India have Internet Connectivity
₹ 13.5 / GB Average price of 1GB data

The 2G / 4G variants of Sound Box require no Wi-Fi, allowing merchants hassle-free and secure payment processing with instant audio payment confirmations – eliminating the risk of fake confirmation receipts shown by customers. CWD offers the flexibility to merchants across industries and scale (from solo grocery vendors to SMEs to MNCs) to easily adapt to smart wireless payment processing.

CWD’s Sound Box caters to all the current requirements of this growing trend in the fintech industry. By leveraging our in-house, Mysore-based manufacturing facility, you can have a Sound Box developed that is just right for you - allowing for a wide range of applications like food & dining, entertainment, supermarket & department stores and many more.

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  • 1. Census of India, 2011
  • 2. Government of India, February 2022: 5,72,551 villages out of total 5,97,618 inhabited villages have internet connectivity
  • 3. Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022 list released by