7 IoT applications for CBTLRM02

04 OCT, 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly popular in both business and consumer spheres as a result of smart, secure, and advanced capabilities and applications it enables. IoT trends are predicted to drive innovation for businesses across the globe with McKinsey estimating IoT could enable $5.5 trillion to $12.6 trillion in global economic value by 2030.

Wireless technologies like Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® play a strong role in enabling transformation in the world at large by delivering enormous IoT potential – helping increase sustainability, security and efficiency for the planet, people and businesses. CWD’s CBTLRM02 combines both Low power 2.4 GHz and LoRa® in a single module, providing extended range with an extensively rich feature set at extremely low power thus enabling a wide range of applications.

Some of the most common applications for CBTLRM02 are listed below:

Asset tracking over broader geographical areas: CBTLRM02 enables simultaneous short and long-range wireless connectivity at extremely low power. While Low power 2.4 GHz beaconing helps with remote inventory management and indoor location-based tracking, LoRaWAN® provides global network coverage for asset tracking applications with the ability to connect directly to cloud.

Smart metering: The module allows capabilities of remote tracking, monitoring and operating of utilities such as electricity, water and gas. With low-power, long-range connectivity, CBTLRM02 enables smart utility operations like remote collection of meter readings and energy consumption, detection of anomalies or leakages in cases of gas and water utilities leading to optimized operations with huge cost savings.

Industrial automation: Factories and industries can benefit from this dual-combo module for automating business processes, monitoring and optimizing equipment performance, implementing employee safety solution in hazardous work environments and more.

Smart agriculture: This involves capabilities like precision agriculture, measuring the environmental conditions influencing crop production, monitoring water, moisture and nutrition levels in soil, tracking livestock health indicators and more. CBTLRM02 enables solutions that can help maximize yield, minimize costs and reduce environmental impact.

Smart healthcare: This dual-combo module is suitable for critical smart healthcare applications like real-time remote body temperature monitoring, tracking patients, hospital staff or systems round the clock, monitoring cold chain vaccine temperature and more. It helps develop solutions that ensure optimal health and medical safety in healthcare operations.

Smart retail: CBTLRM02 enables various smart applications in the retail sphere such as real-time merchandise monitoring, tracking buyer behaviour, food temperature monitoring, utility conservation, store security, anti-theft solutions and more.

Smart homes, buildings & cities: The module enables smart home and smart building applications that improve the safety and convenience of people like automation, detecting danger, optimizing utility consumption, saving costs and more. With its long-range, low-power features, it also helps connect city services such as lighting, parking, waste management, etc.

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